Anyone disappointed with Tavern brawls lately?

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Like Tavern brawls used to be updated frequently and lately they seem to mostly just be repeats. 

I understand you not Always going to get a new tavern brawl, but we have an event this week and instead of a fresh tavern brawl based around the current expansion, we are getting brawliseum which you can only play once or pay like 1000 gold to enter again. 

Anyone else feeling a big disappointed with the lack of new brawls and brawls linked around the expansion? Like we don't even have recipe brawls anymore which I feel like is another blow as getting to play free current deck lists is pretty cool!

Also just did a count and we have had 9 weeks of repeat brawls! Some repeats are fine, but maybe a new one everyone 5-6 weeks would be nice. Don't want tavern brawl to be like arena and see an update every 4 months or something.

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