The Hearthstone customer service is really not helpfull

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After buying the karazhan adventure, i had some problems. I bought it throug google for 15.99 the whole pack (not for 25 cuz i had the first battle when the adventure first came out).

For some reason, the first 3 battles were locked and the heroic was locked only the first 3 battles but the others were bugged.

I asked some help but in the end i needed to spend my 700 golds to unlock the whole adventure even after spending money. I kindly asked to get back my 700golds for something buggy that they made. (At that period i had 1700 golds and spending 700, brought me around 1050ish)

A week passed and the adventure for some reason, locked me again the first 3 battles and removed all my rewards. I asked again support but they didnt simply said "they returned my golds and everytjing is resolved. Just log in and log out and its should be good".

Today i arrived to have,after 1 week of quest, at 1770ish gold, and when i asked again support, they said that the first wind was never bought and never available even after buying the bundle. They also said that i shoild have my 700 golds back.

So pretty much i spent 700 golds and 16€ to get something buggy and to waste half of my monely.

Ill post the screens of the discussions down below. Heres the link if you can open it https://us.battle.net/support/en/case/detail/75072121

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