A thread for people with experience in live events regarding Firebat

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This subreddit seems to be filling up with people who are only just dicovering that organising live events requires a lot of people sitting around doing nothing for long periods of time. Even in non-live events, I've a bit of experience on film sets, and you RESPECT THE CHECK IN TIME, even if when you get there you end up sitting on your ass. That's why the motto of people who work in film and TV is "hurry up and wait".

It wasn't even that bad for firebat, all he was expected to do was be near his phone from the check in time, in case there was a reschedule. And he was being paid 5000 a month to do that. A camera guy might get paid a fraction of that to turn up on set, sit on stand by for 8 hours, and then go home.

If you think that's shitty, well it sort of is. But know that this is reality for a LOT of people working in the entertainment industry. And it's not caused by producers treating people like garbage, mostly it's caused because organising things is chaotic, and it's never clear when and where you need people. If that really pisses you off, advocate for unionistion and workers rights. Don't get angry because one very well paid guy had a bad day.

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