Constructive Criticism time: my chief complaint about the game are infinite value decks

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So first let me make it clear that I am an almost exclusively control oriented player, which would presumably make me the least likely to complain about value decks.

Despite this, I really hate this type of playstyle, and I can explain why. These decks can take quite a few forms. For instance, Jade Druid was an infinite value deck; exodia mage, too, was an infinite value deck (albeit infinite for only one turn, but that's more than enough!), as was Infinite Shudderwock combo. But it can also mean something like modern Galakrond Priest or Galakrond Rogue, which can both push a button to produce infinite cards forever, ultimately limited only by the turn counter.

And why would a control player dislike these decks? It isn't just that I don't like playing against them -- I don't like playing as them. This is because the enjoyment I get out of control playstyles is in the prudent management of resources. As a control warrior, for example, I used to get a tremendous amount of satisfaction out of saving my brawl against the four 3/3s because I knew that my opponent had an even bigger board on the way. Or playing as control priest, not using my shadow word: death on the 6/6 minion because the enemy rogue had a very big hand and I was pretty sure he was going to try to wombo-combo a giant edwin.

In today's game, this is rarely a call one has to make. If you are playing something like Galakrond Priest, you should just rely on Galakrond to replenish your value/hand once you get to it.

And of course, these decks can be extremely frustrating to play against. I don't think I have to explain this, but I don't think I'm the only one who finds it frustrating to play against Galakrond Priest or the almost-infinite-but-not-quite discover power of some mage decks.

Does anyone else feel this way? I feel the game would be in a much better state if these super-wombo-combos and infinite-value decks could be tamped down on, and I can tell my favorite period of the game was when control decks existed but had limits and couldn't just generate value in to infinity.

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