Blizzard said the Arena changes to Demon Hunter would be temporary until they could micro-adjust

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From April 8:

For Arena, we’re making changes today that will see Demon Hunter class card offering rates decreased until we’re able to properly address the class with more accurate micro-adjustments in a future patch. The following cards have had their offering rates reduced in Arena:

Chaos Nova

Coilfang Warlord

Command the Illidari


Furious Felfin

Glaivebound Adept

Illidari Felblade

Immolation Aura




Priestess of Fury

Skull of Gul’dan

Twin Slice


Demon Hunter Arena changes

Now that Demon Hunter has had multiple rounds of nerfs and we're on the eve of the next expansion, have these changes been reverted? The Demon Hunter Arena winrate is pretty abysmal according to HSReplay, ranking 10th at 44.2%.

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