Will Shaman make a comeback with the buffs?

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I have played Shaman for years. Generally, Shaman has some time of unique archetype their decks are built around that can compete within the meta. Murlocs, Elementals, Overload, Galakrond, etc. Shaman has had A LOT of different archetypes (even freeze Shaman, which never panned out). However, the rotating archetype carousel for Shaman has actually hurt them in today's Hearthstone. Unlike other classes which generally stick to their archetypes throughout the expansions, Shaman seems to get a new random archetype influx of cards each time. Hunter will always have beasts, Priest will always focus on enhancing minions with buffs, Warrior always has armor or weapons that work together, and so fourth with the other classes.

What is Shaman's current archetype? Elementals? Which card in their current set benefits an elemental type minion? Murloc? Which cards in their current set can draw more Murlocs, which is the biggest limiting factor to an agressive deck, card draw and getting minions to stick for bloodlust. Control? Which cards does Shaman have that can generate more cards to compete with other late game decks like Mage, Rogue, and Priest? Each of those classes has a hero power that can generate an effect each turn that can lead to other value plays or more cards. What is Shaman's win condition in a control deck besides beating an occasional agressive deck if their curve is decent? Totems? Again, the issue is card draw and getting a totem to stick, which is insanely hard in the current meta when removals and power creeps from other classes easily counters Totems. Evolve? You're relying on a great mulligan and curve to have a shot at winning a game, then it's entirely RNG of getting a decent evolve outcome. There is no cycling of cards or card draw to have multiple evolve opportunities. Overload? Again, the current meta is so aggressive or controlling, if you overload multiple turns you're set behind on board almsot everytime, then you just run out of cards or steam by the time things stabilize.

Do you see the common thing? Shaman has 6 different archetypes in their current set that don't interact with each other or benefit one another to produce atleast one or two decent archetypes that can compete in the current meta. They do a little bit of everything, but nothing extremely well. Mid-range to the core, but mid-range doesn't compete in the current meta. You're either dead by turn 7 or you're in for a 30 minute game where a crap ton of RNG, card generation, and control cards are in place. It would seem like a Highlander deck would be perfect for Shaman as they can mix a bunch of their powerful cards into a deck without having to focus on a single archetype. But what is Shaman's unique Highlander card? They don't have one like Hunter, or other classes. Thus, it's sort of just a bunch of cool cards, some powerful, that don't really ever get to a win condition.

Which cards in the current set could be changed to create an arcehtype for Shaman that's works? The Lurker below was already a decent control card, but how's does that further Shaman to a win condition? Same with Torrent. Rumbler? Does that even see play? Shaman has so much removal cards t's insane, but once you reach late game with all that removal, what is your win condition? Shudderwock and Hagatha are gone. Those were win conditions or ways to continue to generate cards late game.

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