Battlegrounds could do with reconnect protection of some form

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This is partly a vent thread a partly a serious point thread. I expect this to be downvoted to hell but I have just had a really crappy day in terms of my work life and I need to release a little. I just played a game where I lost because the game just crashed. I was 1st. I was Milhouse with a Razagore on board, full of dragons etc. Really strong. A second razagore appears in shop on my last re-roll and I had another dragon in my hand, I sell 2 minions, buy the second razagore and then my game crashes. Reload the game, rejoin JUST as the timer runs out, can't play my new minions, have spots empty on the battlefield. I have 22 health and the enemy wins and hits me for 22 damage, I get 7th. I had an easy win board and got screwed over by the game. Literally everything that happened was exactly perfect, joining in the last second, losing to exact lethal.

I know a reconnect protective feature could be abused but it isn't too much for blizzard to put in something so that if you disconnect and rejoin you get some sort of protect from the MMR loss, even just having no change in MMR after the defeat, maybe just for the first time it happens in X amount of time. I dunno but it is so unfair to lose an easy win because the game screwed me hard here. I will admit I am super salty but I had a 1st place set up and lost due to the game crashing and genuinely when you have a god awful day this is the last thing you need.

If you read this I hope your day is honestly going well and you are all safe.

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