Can someone explain the Crismon Sigil Runner nerf please

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Hey guys.

Big DH fan here and I must say been impressed with how carefully and slowly they are making changes to cards. Even though they are doing a lot of balance patches they are not gutting cards.

I knew the Priestess of Fury nerf was coming but it still retains its awesome ability. A 6/6 would have been better but a 6/5 with that effect is still awesome.

Would everyone here still consider it a staple in DH decks?

However, I am confused about the Crimson Sigil Runner nerf. It never seemed like an OP card. Its 1 health made it easy to remove, you generally only play it for outcast and would rather play battlefiend or Blazing battle mage and I just can't understand why this card was nerfed.

I am glad they left Twin Slice and Altruis alone. I wish people would stop complaining about Altruis. The card is fine and just looks powerful because 99% of the time, people set up the combo over multiple turns.

Does Sigil Runner get replaced now in tempo lists? If so, what is the next best tempo card?


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