Are there any alternative competitive game modes for community tournaments?

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I was thinking about hosting a decently sized tournament in my area (Beijing), and I wanted to know if there were alternative game modes for competitive beside the one used in official tournaments.

I set out to come up with a game mode that would

a) Minimize impacts of not having a competitive collection

b) Promote variety

c) Challenge participants in deckbuilding, knowledge of the game, and skill

Here is what I came up with, it would be nice to have some feedback, or to provide me with some other alternative game modes. Thanks!

  1. Each participant brings one deck to the tournament.

  2. Participants play Swiss and play two mirror matches with their opponent, one with the deck of their own, and one with the deck of the opponent.

  3. The player with the most wins wins the tournament.

In this format, players will be encouraged to build decks that are the most challenging to play, and strength of the deck is much less influential. Players will be informed of each other's deck before hand. A list cards that promote too much randomness like Darkest Hour could be banned if they break the game.

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