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We are organizing an online tournament on the 29th of March at noon MST (GMT-7)

If you are able to beat 4 other players in the tournament you will win 25$ (USD) http://woetournament.com/product/hearthstone-tickets/ Simply follow the link, Click add to cart and proceed with the check out.

Entry Requirements:

  • The tournament will be completed in 1 day starting at noon MST (GMT-7) on the 29th of March

  • This tournament will be have 16 players with an entree cost of 0$ with a grand price of 25$ (USD)

  • The tournament will be held in standard format

  • We will be hosting this tournament in the Americas region

  • No physical presence are required

  • The day of the tournament your opponent will be randomly selected

  • All games will be recorded, if this causes a conflict of interest please advise with your assigned referee or email us at [email protected]

  • If a player is no longer able to join the tournament after signing up please let us know by emailing [email protected]

  • If due to unforeseen circumstances a tournament would be cancelled all tickets will be refunded

  • After completing a tournament the price money will be transferred within 2 days


  • Follow the referee

  • Each game will be a best of 3 with the final match being a best of 5

  • If the referee has to wait more than 15 minutes on a game to start the player causing the delay will forfeit that game

  • All games are held online, no physical presence is required

  • Decks can and may be reused after a win or loss

  • After the matches of a round are completed a 30 minute break will be held

  • Between each game there will be a 5 minute break to make changes to yours decks

  • In the event of a draw the game will be called void and a rematch will be held

  • If a ruling of a referee appears unfair please contact us with your complaint ([email protected]).

  • Each game will have a referee assigned to it to monitor the game

  • The use of addons and overlays is allowed

  • If a player disconnects he will have to resume the game, if they fail to resume the game in the state it was it will be seen as forfeit

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