Every quest should give you crafting dust, it’s a win win for blizzard and us!

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I don’t know if this is for everyone but lately all my quests have been giving me both gold and dust, and I was thinking every quest should do the same!

The amount disenchanted only refunds you 25% of the needed to craft a card of the same rarity, which I understand. Blizzard wants us to have to theory craft with what we have, and earn (or I’m sure preferably spend, in their eyes, and who can blame them?) the rest. Imagine the positive uproar from the community if dust/gold combinations were to be made a permanent fixture?!

I know what many people right out of the gate are thinking, “*Blizzard would lose money if they continually gave us dust, it will never happen!” WRONG MY DEAR FRIENDS! For example let’s say every quest gave you 50 dust and 50 gold, instead of 100 of either. It would then require 32 quests (and therefore either 32 days of continued play. Or 10 days with two off betwixt, as you can have three active quests at once.) this would both encourage activity and ensure daily check ins, even more so than it is as it stands. Who is the most likely to purchase packs/offers/solo adventures? ACTIVE PLAYERS! Specifically active players attempting to build a specific deck.

Honestly, Blizzard treats us WAY BETTER than other mobile games’ developers do. I have played Marvel Strike Force for over a year and I can tell you, if Foxnext and Blizzard were airlines, Blizzard is the kind of first class where a man in a tuxedo offers you food you can’t pronounce and a hot towel, and Foxnext is the kind where a chorus of Karen’s demanding to see the Pilot and alcoholic stewards dry heave in the aisle.

This is a good idea in my opinion, and either way I’m thankful for Blizzard, regardless. What do you guys think?


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