What Cards Would You Want to see UNnerfed, or RETURNED from the Hall of Fame?

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Hey all, J_Alexander_HS back again today to ask a simple question.

For Context: Many people get salty when they lose in Hearthstone; it's no secret. One result of all that salt is that people begin to talk a lot about what cards should be nerfed or removed from Standard because clearly the cards beating them are bullshit and if those cards weren't around, they'd win every game forever.

For that reason, we often see many posts about what should be nerfed or removed.

I feel that throws an unnecessarily negative perspective on how to improve the game at times. The idea that the solution to all problems in the meta can be solved via destruction has some negative consequences. Removing cards can mean players lose access to some they love playing and building their decks around. Sometimes it results in butterfly effects, where crucial counters to certain strategies go missing, allowing something that was previously held in check to run wild. Other times it can cripple the foundation of entire classes, leaving them struggling to keep their heads above water in the meta.

So, with that in mind, what cards would you want to see UNnerfed or RETURNED to Standard and why? What good do you think they would do and why is that important to you?

Importantly, this ISN'T about what cards you feel should be buffed, as I'm sure people can always think of a reason to buff almost any card in the game. This is specifically about cards that have already been changed in the past.

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