Wouldn't you all like more achievement based heroes, such as 'Prince Arthas'?

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I'd like the preface this by saying I'm not against the shop selling certain class heroes, it's a great way for them to make money and to get something cool out of it.

I just believe there should be an opportunity within the game for people to obtain a unique hero such as there was for Prince Arthas. I'm reeling towards something solo based, not something where you need to be online a certain time, or available for an event, which are all still viable options.

I'm talking about solo content! Content for the folk out there who strictly play on their own in their free time who can't or simply don't want to interact with outside sources. This is just some food for thought for any devz who might be watching. My friend is always complaining about not having a certain hero just because he isn't capable of completing a req for a certain achievements.

Happy holidays to ya'll... LOK'TAR OGAR!!!!

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