Would've been cool to see "In The Alternate Timeline" event, where Genn, Baku and their support

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Imagine a parallel world, where Odd and Even mechanic would be pretty well accepted by the players and Genn, Baku with all their support stayed for another year in Standard.

It could be in the frames of Tavern Brawl or be a separate event like "Doom in the Tomb", but for a max of 2 weeks just to not get potentially frustrated of staleness and "Evolve" power decks.

Uncraftable copies of Genn, Baku, and 2 of (Gloom Stag, Black Cat, Glitter Moth, Murkspark Eel) were added for a shord period of time, free to use.

Which odd and even decks from Year of the Raven will lose their power? Which will gain the power? Or which ones will have a different playstyle? What would you come up with, individually?

Discuss below.

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