Zephrys is my favorite card in the history of this game, but Sacrifical Pact against Jaraxxus needs

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It was a good Easter egg for awhile, but now with Zeph existing a card that already saw next to zero play (Jaraxxus) now sees *literally* zero play. On HSReplay, he is 0.004% of all cards played and has only been played about 3,000 times this month. For a comparison, the #1 card is also a class card -- Sludge Slurper has been played 1.4 million times.

I'm not saying remove Pact from Zephrys's pool entirely, because sometimes the opponent has a demon on board. But as far as I know no other hero card, replacement or otherwise has an interaction like this where they can instantly be killed by a destroy effect. Jaraxxus already starts with 15 HP, which is enough of a disadvantage.

Like imagine if Galakrond could get OHKOd by a destroy dragon effect. This really needs to go.

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