I really love the favor of the upcoming expansion, but for now I am really disappointed by

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Seeing the trailer and especially the squad got me really hyped for the upcoming expansion, but now that they got revealed I am sadly disappointed. Let's have a closer look:


Brann Bronzebeard vs Dinotamer Brann - the "old" Brann was not only a really good card, but it was fun everytime you used him in a combo. Mainly Brann did not survive more than one turn but summoning a Twilight Drake with 18 Health, getting 2 custom spells out of Kazakus or simply healing for 16 with Antique Healbot was awesome. The new Brann feels like "meh". I mean the effect probably is strong - after all you get to summon King Krush. Especially in Wild where you can combine both Brans for 16 face damage might be game winning - but you know what it's also -boring.


Reno Jackson vs Reno the Recologist - Reno, was for me the card that defined League of Explorers. Handlock and all the other decks that Reno enabled was just awesome. You are low life trying to survive, you life tap and draw Reno - it felt like a Yugioh episode, believing in the heart of the cards and healing back to 30. You had to especially design your deck but in exchange you got a powerful effect. The new one is like a simple boardclear. Also not that bad, especially against aggro but it's simply not the same. A legendary effect should be more than a gatling gun board clear. Compare it with Omega Devastator were you get to choose the minion you want to deal 10 damage to and it's a simple 4 mana 4/5 mech minion. All you have to do is wait until you got 10 mana.


Elise Starseeker vs Elise the Enlightened - I hope there will be some combos with the new Elise, but the effect of Elise Starseeker is an effect, I expect from a legendary. Shuffling the map to the golden Monkey in your deck, then the Golden Monkey itself to finally replace all cards into random legendaries. Not that good, but funny for sure!


Sir Finley Mrgglton vs Sir Finley of the Sands - out of those 4 legendaries, I like Finley the most. He seems decent, will probably see play in aggro (murloc) decks and replacing your hero power with the upgraded mage or hunter one seems strong. Also he fits the best with his old version.


TLDR: So I am disappointed with the unique effects of the legendaries, not because they are not strong, but because they do not feel unique like a legendary effect should feel like. Not using any duplicates in your deck should be rewarded with a strong upside. Additionally I hate the fact that bombs will deactivate all the effects because of duplicate bombs in your deck. But I have to say that I really love the play animations of all the legendaries - they really look awesome!

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