Patch 14.4 known issues - Dalaran Heist progression display and others

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wo days ago, when Patch 14.4 was pushed live, Blizzard posted and tweeted about some display issues in the Dalaran Heist that were being introduced with the patch. They're working on a fix.


CM Dylan Bates (/u/Ravinix):

Hey everyone,

We wanted to make you all aware of an issue being introduced with today’s (6/3) update that will affect chapters 2-5 of The Dalaran Heist. We are actively working on a fix, and hope to have something out later this week to address the following:

  • Players who are in Chapter 2 – 5 of the Dalaran Heist will be shown the Chapter 1 starting boss in the boss card flip screen instead of the actual boss they are facing.

  • Chapter 2 – 5 will show the crowns for heroes that have beaten chapter 1 instead of the actual progress for chapters 2-5. ** This is a visual only issue, progress is still being tracked appropriately.

  • The Hero Power and Deck selection checkmarks will show the chapter 1 versions instead of the correct chapter 2 – 5 versions. ** Like the crowns, this is a visual issue only.

Thank you for your patience.

There's an issue currently in Puzzle Labs with the first puzzle in Dr. Boom's survival stage, rendering it unsolvable.


Thanks for the report! I confirmed that it does happen after refreshing your mana and playing the next card. We will have this looked at.

Whizbang the Wonderful and Zayle, Shadow Cloak do not currently update your deck art.


We've been getting a lot of reports and posts, especially for the first issue. Hopefully we'll get fewer of them, and we'll try to remove the duplicate posts from now.

More generally, here's a non-comprehensive list of known issues the team has been getting reports about, and are looking into.

Edit: It seems that some of you are taking this opportunity to report other issues you've been encountering. If you're doing so, try to reply with as many details as possible!

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