This is the first time since the beginning of Hearthstone that Wild metagame is so much different

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Sure, there are many factors hindering Wild mode's growth. Older cards people might not have (or have disenchanted), no Blizzard competitive support, old degenerate synergies, etc. However, this is the first time the game feels different enough that it warrants a visit, especially right now, when Rogue is just better than anything else in Standard.


The decks are not carbon copies of old Standard decks as well. Even strategies that existed before got great support from the new expansion. Odd Paladin (the best deck at the moment) got a great help from Never Surrender, and Vargoth is great in Big Priest (even better than Barnes, for example). Murloc Shaman had obvious help and smaller Mage variants are all over the place with Magic Dart Frogs and Mana Cyclone, using the quest to win with a completely unique strategy. Also new is the Darkest Hour Warlock, an inconsistent combo that just feels great to hit (and awful to get hit with). Finally, Kingsbane RogueMecha'thun Warlockand any Reno deck doesn't have any equivalent in Standard, and they're all viable.


All in all, I think people are really overlooking Wild as a possible replacement to Standard mode. There are known good decks and counters to be used everywhere and enough lack of information to encourage deckbuilding. Honestly, as a player that didn't really play Wild a lot myself, the lack of an established metagame is feeling way better than the Rogue fiesta Standard is right now.

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