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Ever since Kobolds & Catacombs, Blizzard was adding an extra single player content to their Hearthstone expansions. So far, they were the evolution of the original Dungeon Run (with Boomsday Project’s Puzzle Lab being the only exception) – adding new Heroes, new twists etc. Rise of Shadows Solo Adventure is no different, but this time it’s done on a grand scale.

The Dalaran Heist is a high point of Hearthstone rogue-like experience. With new Heroes, Hero Powers (three per Hero), starting decks (also three per Hero + a random option), 75 unique bosses, friendly Tavern Encounters, and lots of extra quirks to customize your experience in Anomaly Mode (not to mention a very challenging Heroic Mode), this PvE content should leave even the most demanding players satisfied  ....

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