How Fr0zen is undefeated so far in Hearthstone Grandmasters

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The first few games for each competitor in the Hearthstone Grandmasters league are done and gaps are starting to form between the good and great players. Deck building, hand reading, and predictive play are all skills that a player needs to succeed. Some players are very strong in one of these skills, or even two, but very few are excellent at all of them.

Enter: Frank “Fr0zen” Zhang.

Fr0zen has been playing Hearthstone for a long time—nearly five years. His first recorded game was against his current teammate, David “Dog” Caero, in December 2014. By competing in several tournaments, the Team Liquid player has been training his skills for quite some time. But aside from the ONOG Circuit finals in 2016, he’s never won a tournament with other star players present.


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