Hearthstone’s upcoming solo adventure has you try to steal Dalaran

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Hearthstone’s latest expansion, Rise of Shadows, introduced players to the League of E.V.I.L – a team full of the card game’s biggest and baddest – when it launched earlier this year. The update kicked off a year of storytelling – a major component of which is the game’s upcoming solo adventure, The Dalaran Heist.

During a recent hearthside chat Hearthstone mission designer Giovannio Scarpati revealed that the heist is Arch-Villain Rafaam’s attempt to steal WoW’s floating city in its entirety. Over the course of five chapters – the first of which will be available from May 16 – you’ll play as one of nine League of E.V.I.L henchmen (each representing a different Hearthstone class) attempting to outwit the Dalaran Defenders.


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