Sit by the Hearth and enjoy: Noblegarden is coming!

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There should be lots of fun in the Year of the Raven for Hearthstone with better and more rewarding quests, a new dungeon and a lot more features. Noblegarden is the latest treat to be added as a week-long festival of fun. 

Ben Brode might be gone, but his legacy just keeps on rolling, as Hearthstone surprises will be at every corner this year. Fans can get excited about a new tournament mode to be released in the middle of the year, plus the release of two more new expansions.

The latest fun comes with the introduction of Noblegarden getting ready to launch next week. The festival will be celebrated starting May 9th through May 13th. 


Hatch a Login Reward

All players who manage to log in during the celebration will get a free golden Eggnapper and Devilsaur Egg! More golden cards added to your collection, for free! 


Everybunny Get in Here

Tavern Bawliseum will be coming to an end but the newest brawl will be here soon and it looks like it will be pretty fun!

One egg will spawn for you each turn, and you’ll get to use a deck of colorful dyes and special Noblegarden cards (plus 10 random Class cards) to decorate it. Each dye applies a different buff, and at the start of your next turn your eggs will hatch into something cute. Or a bunny, if you didn’t use any dye.

Do not forget to tune in to PlayHearthstone twitch channel HERE and watch some Pro players trying to survive HCT Europe Regionals this weekend May 5th - May 6th, starting at 10:00 AM CEST!


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