10 New Cards From Koblds and Catacombs

Hearthstone Michael “Zechs_” Radford

Blizzard unleashed ten new cards onto the internet in the past 24 hours. Spoiler season for Kobolds and Catacombs is in full swing.

Blizzard revealed a whole host of new cards for the Kobolds and Catacombs set on a live stream last night. Nine cards were shown in total, with another - the Druid legendary weapon - being shown off by a Chinese website this morning. Along with the ten cards we knew about since Blizzcon, that makes 24 cards out of 135 known at time of writing.

Last night’s stream kicked off with a cute little gremlin, but one unlikely to see much serious constructive play. A 1/1 for one mana which copies itself is unlikely to set the meta game on fire, but he sure is adorable. Next up was the Warrior spellstone, which requires you to equip a weapon to upgrade it. The effect of the Greater Mithril Spellstone is certainly worth the cost, but it takes some considerable time to get there.

Shamans were next in line for some sweet spoiler-y goodness, and their legendary weapon lives up to the legendary billing. As was pointed out on the stream, Shaman has a lot of untargeted spells, which goes a long way to negating the randomness of this effect. Free Volcano? Don’t mind if I do.

Rogues got quite the surprise, as will their opponents in coming months. Sudden Betrayal is the first, but importantly not the last Rogue secret in Hearthstone’s history. Positioning will be important if you don’t want to kill your own minions, unless the secret is Cheat Death, of course. Yet another shadowstep effect for the class that already loves to bounce its Keleseth’s will surely be welcomed with open arms.

Next came early contender for best card in the set, and certainly the most talked about so far. A four mana Abyssal Enforcer is no joke, and this card is in a much stronger tribe. Dragons look set to make a comeback in 2018 if this guy is anything to go by.

Paladins are also getting a buff to one of their strongest tribes too: silver hand recruits. Quartermaster is back, sort of, and this time he’s bringing taunt to the mixture. Expect this card to make a splash in wild, where token Paladin is already a solid deck.

Kathrena Winterwisp might be the helping hand that Hunters need to reclaim their spot in the meta game. The class has a long, mostly unsuccessful history of Blizzard printing slower, controlling cards but having such a strong effect twice in one card is certainly worth trying out at least.

One class which certainly doesn’t need too much help right now is Druid, but it did get an interesting spin on its classic mechanic. Branching Paths adds utility to a class which already has a ton of it, though it is the only “choose twice” card in the set. All three modes have a place, and being able to choose the same one twice if necessary is a huge boon. 12 armor is a lot against aggressive decks, while drawing cards and buffing your minions in control match-ups can be backbreaking. The legendary weapon, spoiled early this morning, is a little less exciting. Riffing on Kun, there are combo shenanigans to be had with Twig of The World Tree but its effect is nothing new.

Michael “Zechs_” Radford
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