Muzzy is the AM Spring Champion

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

The veteran finally won his first gold.

Muzahidul “Muzzy” Islam has been a long-time fixture in Hearthstone. Known among his peers for excellent deckbuilding and meta-predicting abilities, the LG player has nevertheless struggled to take a championship for himself, despite the praise from the hardcore community.

Muzzy’s career led him from unconvincing LAN debuts, through getting used to the pressure and breaking out at the two PAX tournament earlier this year (2nd at PAX East Major and top 8 at Major Circuit Austin) to finally winning the coveted gold last night at the AM Spring Championship. A perfect 10-0 record elevated Muzzy as the best player in his region for that season and he’ll be leading the Americas contingent into Shanghai as one of two better known names together with Anthony “Ant” Trevino.

The AM Spring Playoffs were a big tournament for Latin America, too. Despite being a rapidly developing region with its own circuit of major tournaments, Latin America had never played on a Blizzard stage, always dwarfed by the superiority of its North American neighbors. Through Brazil’s Diego Dias, however, that grim record for Latin America has changed.

Hearthstone debutant “kuonet” will be America’s fourth player travelling to China. The championship is therefore just four players short of having its line-up completed until the APAC Spring Playoffs conclude this coming weekend.



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