Decklist spotlight: The winning decks of three-times GosuCup winner AlexMM

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 21 April 2017 11:12

The Ukrainian boasts one of the strongest GosuCup pedigrees in history.

The GosuCup hat-trick club is small. The first to achieve it was Dustin “WaningMoon” Mangulabnan over in Southeast Asia but GosuCup EU didn’t get its own three-time winner until Peter “Deathboose” Laihinen completed the achievement in July 2016. Now, nine months later, the GosuCup circuit welcomes its third hat-trick hero.

Ukraine’s Alexey “AlexMM” Sarayev first broke out on GosuCup grounds in June 2016 where he took his first championship before he went inactive during the off-season between August and January. In the last two months, however, AlexMM’s has been hard at work and two more GosuCup trophies were inscribed with his name.

With five more HCT points now to his name, AlexMM gets closer to contesting the top 64 cut-off for the Spring Preliminaries, but he will need a couple of high ladder finishes, too, if he’s to have a chance at playing at the premiere stage.

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AlexMM’s GosuCup EU decks:

Midrange Hunter
Quest Warrior
Miracle Priest
Miracle Rogue