Decklist spotlight: Freeze Mage is back in CN vs. NA Championship round two

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 18 January 2017 11:45

The Chinese keep throwing curve balls at the guests.

After beating Team NA in round one on January 17, Team China is ready to battle again in the second round of the tournament, and they are once again preparing a diverse line-up. Led by coach “Lvge”, the Chinese are not only sticking to their Anyfin Paladin, which was the death of two North Americans on Monday, but are bringing a handful of different variations of Dragon Priest, including one featuring Inner Fire and... Freeze Mage.

The oldest Mage archetype has been in cryostasis since before Gadgetzan and hasn’t seen play at all in the new meta but will hopefully make a debut in the coming days. The masterful deck is entrusted to “Xhope” who eliminated Julien “Cydonia” Perrault on Tuesday.

With the format now changed from Conquest to Last Hero Standing, both teams have made some general changes to their line-ups. RenoMage is almost gone, only played by Andrey “Reynad” Yanyuk, and most classes have been fine-tuned and standardized. Team China, for example, is using the same Aggro Shaman across four of its players, confident it can sweep series if left unbanned.

Find all 40 decks from CN vs. NA Championship round 2 below, and look for more decks in our library.


United States Chakki Miracle Rogue Jade Druid Pirate Warrior Aggro Shaman
Canada Cydonia Aggro Shaman Miracle Rogue Control Warrior RenoLock
United States Dog Aggro Shaman Miracle Rogue Control Warrior RenoLock
United States Fr0zen Aggro Shaman Miracle Rogue Jade Druid RenoLock
United States Reynad RenoLock Miracle Rogue RenoMage Aggro Shaman


China JasonZhou Anyfin Paladin Pirate Warrior Aggro Shaman Dragon Priest
China OmegaZero Pirate Warrior Aggro Shaman Miracle Rogue Dragon Priest
China XHope Dragon Priest Freeze Mage Aggro Shaman Miracle Rogue
China Lvge Dragon Priest Miracle Rogue Aggro Shaman RenoLock
China Lovelychook Aggro Shaman Jade Druid Miracle Rogue RenoLock




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