Decklist spotlight: ThijsNL’s Control Shaman

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

White Eyes has found a home.

When [card]white eyes[/card] was revealed, fans of control Shamans gasped with joy. The card was a much convenient three-in-one: An on-curve taunt minion, a fantastic [card]barnes[/card] and N’Zoth pull and a finisher in the late game through its deathrattle.

It was a matter of time before White Eyes became an integral part in a grinding Shaman list and ThijsNL has conceived one. The deck takes a lot of what made the old versions great – Hallazeal combos, lots of AoE removal and big midgame and late-game threats – and has added just a couple Gadgetzan goodies: The aforementioned White Eyes and a single [card]jinyu waterspeaker[/card].

Notable is the return of [card]ancestral spirit[/card] to the list, replacing the [card]doomsayer[/card] in the same mana slot. The card is, obviously, another tool to trigger White Eyes or the other value deathrattles like [card]sylvanas windrunner[/card] and [card]cairne bloodhoof[/card], but comes at the cost of reduced board clear potential. There’s also just a single [card]healing wave[/card], so you will have to value your hit points more, especially against aggressive decks.

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Will Control Shaman ever become a Tier 1 deck?

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