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Ostkaka joins Alliance

The 2015 world champion joins fellow Swede Orange as the second Hearthstone player in Alliance's roster.

In early September, Ostkaka's former employer Natus Vincere unexpectedly announced that it would drop its Hearthstone team. Na'Vi stated that they would do their best to find a team for each player, at least until the contracts ended at the end of September. Ostkaka's then teammate Xixo said the players aimed to stick together in finding a new team. However, today Alliance, which has mostly signed Swedish players in the past, told the world Ostkaka would join Orange on its Hearthstone team.

In the announcement, Alliance's General Manager, Erik Barge states: “I’m thrilled to have Sebastian joining the Alliance family, he’s an incredible athlete, which he’s undoubtedly shown by winning the World Championship last year, but also in his determination and discipline. I really love his approach to Hearthstone and I’m excited to have him represent our brand.“

Ostkaka himself says: “I’m really excited to be joining Alliance. I’ve been a bit less active in the past few months during the HCT off-season but I will be dedicating full time to try and qualify for Blizzcon 2017. I’ll also be streaming my practice and ladder grind regularly. I’m looking forward to representing Alliance in tournaments and will do my best to win.”

The statement regarding streaming comes as something of a surprise, as he has shied away from the medium in the past. To date, he's only made a single appearance on the platform as host of his own channel, playing the Heroic Tavern Brawl.

DreamHack Winter, which starts tomorrow, will be the first event during which Ostkaka will represent Alliance. Find our coverage hub on the event here.

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