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Hearthstone8 years agoMatthieist

Team Dignitas drops its Hearthstone roster

In a very brief announcement the British organization says goodbye to its four players.

Yet another team has decided to stop competing in Hearthstone. A few months ago Team Archon and Fade2Karma released their competitive players and, only a week and a half ago, Natus Vincere announced their plan to quit the scene as well. Although Dignitas might not immediately jump to mind when asked which the strongest Hearthstone teams are, it is still disconcerting the team made this decision. It is yet another strong indicator Hearthstone isn't a profitable game for teams and sponsors, and without those a competitive scene can hardly exist. Other teams might take the opportunity to enter the Hearthstone scene, however, since a lot of free agents are currently available to be picked up.

The full statement on Dignitas' website reads:

"Today we regret to announce that we have decided to close our Hearthstone squad and release the players from their contracts with immediate effect. We have decided to no longer support Hearthstone moving forward."

"The Team Dignitas Hearthstone roster consisted of:

Lewis 'Blackout' Spencer
James 'Greensheep' Luo
Kahjun 'Kranich' Baek
Todd 'Anakins' Rolls

We would like to thank the entire lineup for their time in our organisation and we wish them all the very best in their future careers."

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