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Hearthstone8 years agoRadoslav "Nydra" Kolev

PGL Bucharest shows its first four invites as it introduces a twist to Last Hero Standing

Crane, SuperJJ, Orange and Rdu are the first players invited to the $25,000 LAN to take place mid-September.

Originally scheduled to take place this summer, PGL Tavern Tales Bucharest is about to return in just little over two weeks. The tournament will visit Romania’s capital from September 16-18 for three days of competition, happening concurrently with the HCT Summer championships.

Originally, Tavern Tales Bucharest was due to offer 43 HCT points and have 128 spots for players but delays have resulted in the change of the date and the scale of the tournament. While the event will keep its prize pool of $25,000, making it one of the larger competitions in Hearthstone, only 16 names will be in attendance in Bucharest.

Of those 16, four have already been announced. DreamHack Valencia runner-up Simon “Crane” Raunholst will join team-mate Jan “SuperJJ” Janssen, Jon “Orange” Westberg and repeat DreamHack winner Dima “Rdu” Radu on the stage. Eleven more will be invited in the next few days, the last spot being reserved for the winner of the local qualifier.

Tavern Tales will also put a slight twist on the competitive format. Last Hero Standing will be used throughout the tournament, but players will have to bring all nine classes to the battle. Whether and how bans will be involved is unclear at this point and we’ve reached to PGL representatives for clarification on the format and tournament structure.

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