All decklists from the DreamHack Valencia playoffs

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 18 July 2016 14:38

Photo: Jennika Ojala / DreamHack 

It's that time of the month again, where we look at the best decks from the recent major - in this case DreamHack Valencia - and net deck like there's no tomorrow.

Dragon Warrior, Aggro Shaman, Zoo and Yogg Druid were the decks to beat this weeked in Valencia, as these made the power four of the current meta. Miracle was almost nonexistent, control Warlocks and Warriors stood a handful before their aggro counterparts.

That's not to say we all watched  the same old boring stuff throughout the weekend. Tournament's champion Evangelion brought a left-field line-up with N'Zoth Paladin and Midrange Shaman to shock through the playoffs. We saw French player Tars piloting a Concede Shaman with Ancestral Spirit and Earth Elementals. We had N'Zoth Miracle Rogues and even a control spin on the otherwise aggressive Dragon Warrior in the top 16.

Below are all 64 decks that made it to the playoffs. Happy netdecking.

1st place: Spain Evangelion

CThun Warrior
Midrange Shaman
N'Zoth Paladin

2nd place: Denmark Crane

Dragon Warrior
Yogg Druid
Aggro Shaman

Top 4

Czech Republic Stan Cifka Spain Rubo
RenoLock Ramp Druid
Miracle Rogue Dragon Warrior
C'Thun Druid Aggro Shaman
C'Thun Warrior Zoo

Top 8

Netherlands Kbushi Norway BunnyHoppor
Aggro Shaman Dragon Warrior
Zoo Zoo
C'Thun Warrior Yogg Druid
Yogg Druid
Midrange Shaman
Greece Fenomeno France Weasel
Dragon Warrior Aggro Shaman
Miracle Rogue Zoo
Zoo Dragon Warrior
Aggro Shaman Yogg Druid

Top 16

Greece Dethelor Greece Erikbeck United Kingdom Cipher
Zoo Zoo Zoo
Aggro Shaman Aggro Shaman Yogg Druid
Patron Warrior Patrons Midrange Shaman
Yogg Druid
Freeze Mage
Dragon Warrior
France Tars Germany C4mlann Poland Dawido
Concede Shaman Patron Warrior Aggro Shaman
Dragon Warrior Yogg Druid Zoo
N'Zoth Miracle Aggro Shaman Dragon Warrior
Yogg Druid
Sweden Technogoose Sweden Silas  
Freeze Mage Yogg Druid  
C'Thun Warrior Secret Paladin  
Aggro Shaman Zoo  
Zoo Aggro Shaman