All decklists from the DreamHack Summer playoffs

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Lo and behold, we have all 64 decks from the DreamHack Summer playoffs gathered in one place! Ready your collection for some hearty netdecking.

Last night, DIma "Rdu" Radu became the first player in Hearthstone to win two DreamHack titles and pass the $100,000 mark in tournament winnings. But his story was far from the only great one. Denmark had a strong showing, having two players in top eight and two in top four. Ex-Hearthlytics player Fr0zen almost kept the DH title in the USA before losing the Rdu in the grand finals. Young hopeful BoarControl and returning Belgian Maverick both secured respectable top eight finishes in one of the toughest tournaments of the year.

But what did these players - and the others who made it to the top 16 - use in the playoffs? Below, you can find the full collection of these decklists.

1st place: Romania Rdu

Tempo Mage
Camel Hunter
Aggro Shaman

2nd place: United States Fr0zen

Token Druid
Patron Warrior
Aggro Shaman

Top 4:


Denmark Slugg Denmark Hoej
Midrange Hunter CThun Warrior
Zoo Aggro Shaman
CThun Warrior NZtoh RenoLock
Aggro Shaman CThun Druid


Top 8:


Germany SuperJJ Belgium Maverick
CThun Priest Dragon Warrior
Miracle Zoo
Midrange Shaman Aggro Shaman
Pirate Warrior
Midrange Hunter
United Kingdom BoarControl Denmark Tessin
Camel Hunter Midrange Hunter
Zoo Zoo
Tempo Warrior Tempo Warrior
Aggro Shaman Aggro Shaman


Top 16:


Czech Republic Namcor Germany Mangolicious
CThun Warrior Tempo Warrior
Zoo Midrange Hunter
Tempo Mage Zoo
CThun Druid
Aggro Shaman
Germany SenX Sweden Bozzzton
Aggro Shaman Zoo
Camel Hunter Aggro Shaman
DragonLock Tempo Warrior
Pirate Warrior
CThun Druid
Belgium Guukboii France Tomof
Aggro Shaman Midrange Hunter
Midrange Hunter Tempo Warrior
Zoo Zoo
Aggro Shaman
Sweden Orange Russia ShtanUdachi
Zoo NZoth Miracle
CThun Druid CThun Warrior
Midrange Shaman Aggro Shaman
Tempo Warrior Zoo


Front page photo: Martin Johansson / DreamHack



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