Decklist spotlight: All decks and archetype stats from StarLadder World Division

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

The StarLadder World Division is approaching its end with only the Last Chance bracket remaining to be played. Here's what the best players in the world relied on in the tournament.

The data below is collected from the decks of fifteen players. As the tournament started early May, it’s a cool glimpse one month into the past and a portrayal of what the chosen competitors perceived to be the strongest at that time. Obviously, the sample size is much smaller compared to a tournament of the HCT Preliminaries scale, but it’s worthwhile exploring its metagame nonetheless.

It’s worth noting that all nine classes were represented in the tournament, which should be good news for Priest considering its current reputation of the worst class in the game. The two players who dared choose the class were JAB and, of course, Kolento, playing standard N’Zoth Control and [card]Prophet Velen[/card] OTK, respectively.

Besides that, these are the major trends and storylines from the tournament:

  • Hunter is on the rise. With StarLadder forcing players to pick nine classes, Rexxar found its way to almost half of the line-ups, a significant increase compared to its HCT Preliminaries representation.
  • Rogue and Hunter have only one viable archetype it seems, in Miracle and Midrange, respectively. That’s not really big news, but worth pointing out how there’s no room for experimentation when it comes to those classes in particular.
  • Tempo Warrior, RenoLock and Midrange Shaman have won the archetype race of their respective classes, dominantly. While that was expected to be the case with Warrior, the difference in the Warlock and Shaman archetypes is much more dramatic, compared to what we saw in HCT Preliminaries.
  • The deck of the tournament so far is without a doubt Kranich’s Ramp Druid. Even though its pilot is down to the last chance bracket, the deck itself went undefeated 9-0 in the tournament.

All of the decklists are available below.

United Kingdom Cipher United States Dog Ukraine DrHippi
Denmark Hoej United States JAB Ukraine Kolento
Korea Kranich Germany Lifecoach Kazakhstan Naiman
Sweden Orange Sweden Ostkaka Czech Republic StanCifka
Germany SuperJJ Korea Surrender Netherlands ThijsNL



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