Decklist spotlight: The winning decks from GosuCup EU June #1

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 03 June 2016 14:38

Do you plan on playing in our June cups but have no idea what to bring? The top performers from the last tournament might have the answer.

On Wednesday, Squit from Turkey steamrolled through the first GosuCup HCT Europe in June and took home 3 HCT points after a clean 3-0 sweep in the finals against GanzaRider from Greece. In the seven rounds he played, Squit dropped only four games in total, mainly thanks to his tight Control Warrior / Miracle / Midrange Hunter / Zoo line-up.

Overall, Warrior and Warlock were the most represented classes in the top four, used by each of the semi-finalists. While Warlocks stuck exclusively to Zoo decks, however, Warriors were diverse, represented by four different archetypes: Dragon, Tempo, Control and even Patrons!

Two Midrange Hunters also made it to the final rounds, proving once again that while weaker than before, Rexxar is still more than viable.

You can find all the decklists from the top four below. Then, hop over to our coverage hub and register for the upcoming GosuCup tournaments and use the knowledge provided here to conquer competitive glory!

1st place: Turkey Squit

Control Warrior
Miracle Rogue
Midrange Hunter

2nd place: Greece GanzaRider

Midrange Hunter
Tempo Warrior

Top 4: Sweden TorTheBor

Midrange Shaman
Patron Warrior

Top 4: Poland Elosik

Aggro Shaman
Dragon Warrior


Wow, so much Zoo! Is RenoLock going out of fashion?

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