Decklist spotlight: The winning decks from GosuCup EU #8

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Is mid range Hunter on the rise?

On Monday, Ercan2511 from Germany pocketed 3 HCT points, beating LaioN from Spain in the grand finals. Apart from LaioN, Ercan also had to go through open cup veterans, including LaioN's countryman and ranked #44 in the world Jacobo "Jac0b0" Sanchez. 

But what decks did the two finalists use to bank the lion's share of the 7 HCT points? Running almost identical line-ups, both relied on Tempo warrior and, more surprisingly, Midrange Hunter to reach the grand finals. The Hunter class was almost extinct in the European preliminaries but saw a rise in usage during the American counterpart of the Summer qualifiers and we see it crushing face here in GosuCup, too.

For Ercan, the choice of third deck fell on Midrange Druid, while for LaioN this was the Malygos Miracle Rogue. 

1st place: Ercan's decks

Midrange Hunter
Tempo Warrior
Midrange Druid

2nd place: LaioN's decks

Tempo Warrior
Midrange Hunter
Malygos Rogue

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Is Midrange Hunter potentially a Tier 1 deck?

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