Old Gods decklist spotlight: C’Thun Druid

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Meet the new king of the meta.

Last week, Druid players were not particularly happy. The nerfs to the classic set hit key cards, including auto-includes [card]Keeper of the Grove[/card], [card]Force of Nature[/card] and [card]Ancient of Lore[/card]. With the 14-damage combo dead, Druids had to find another way to survive.

Fortunately, C’Thun is here to save Malfurion. The Old God and his cultists form a convenient curve which Druids can use to beat down their enemies with a speed and reliability that makes even C’Thun obsolete a lot of the time. Apart from the neutral cultists, C’Thun Druid benefits a lot from the excellent [card]Klaxxi Amber-Weaver[/card] and [card]Dark Arakkoa[/card] as well as, indirectly, through [card]Mire Keeper[/card], which can either ramp so the god can be played faster or develop the board.

The deck’s biggest weakness is the lack of card draw. With Ancient of Lore gone, this deck relies on [card]Azure Drake[/card] as its sole hand refill mechanic (not counting [card]Wrath[/card]) and sometimes finding C’Thun is just too difficult.

Nevertheless, the deck is so straightforward that even novice players will have no trouble piloting. Just play the best minion on curve and you’ll be fine.

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[deck linked]61973[/deck]


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