Decklist spotlight: All decks from HCT APAC Winter Championship

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 31 March 2016 20:34

Asia once again delivers unexpected deck techs as it saw its Winter champion crowned last weekend.

Asia has been known for not really sticking to the deckbuilding norms, trying new stuff all the time. HCT APAC Winter was no exception.

Among the most preplexing tech choices was the double Raven Idol in the Druid of APAC champion Ddahyoni from Korea, who had chosen to omit Shade of Naxxramas to include this 1-mana discover spell. Additionally, Chillwind Yetis and Spectral Knights made a return in Pinpingho's own Druid. We also saw Battle Rage in Elise Controls, and not just in Patrons; Deathwing as the big finisher in Elise Warriors; and the somewhat forgotten MalyLock brought by Japan's Mattun.

Notable is the complete absence of Secret Paladin, completely overtaken by Anyfin Can Happen builds. And like in the case with HCT Americas, every single player in the tournament brought Druid.

The final class distribution is as follows:

Druid: 8
Hunter: 0
Mage: 5
Paladin: 3
Priest: 0
Rogue: 1
Shaman: 1
Warlock: 7
Warrior: 7


Korea Ddahyoni Druid Freeze Mage Zoo Elise Warrior
Korea Handsomeguy Druid Freeze Mage Zoo Patrons
Japan Mattun Druid Anyfin Pala MalyLock Elise Warrior
Australia NaviOOT Druid Freeze Mage RenoLock Elise Warrior
Taiwan Pinpingho Druid Anyfin Pala Handlock Elise Warrior
Korea Seogui Druid Anyfin Pala RenoLock Elise Warrior
Philippines Staz Druid Tempo Mage Oil Rogue Zoo
Taiwan UCCU Druid Tempo Mage Face Shaman Patrons



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