DDaHyoNi is the APAC Winter Champion

Hearthstone “Matthieist”

In an Grand Finals of only South Koreans, DDaHyoNi reverse-sweeped handsomeguy to victory.

This weekend the third and last regional championships completed, with the Asia-Pacific region presenting their strongest players. DDaHyoNi emerged from the group stages on a second place, having lost against handsomeguy. He then went on to face Taiwanese powerhouse Pinpingho, who qualified for the World Championships 2015. After going up 2-0, Pinpingho managed to bring the score to a 2-1, winning with his Paladin deck. DDaHyoni did not let this distract them, as he quickly settled it with his Warrior deck.

An old nemesis awaited DDaHyoNi in the finals: handsomeguy, the only person DDaHyoNi had lost to in the tournament so far. Feeling the extra motivation to redeem himself, DDaHyoNi had a rough start of the finals. He went down 0-2, losing to handsomeguy's Warlock and Mage deck. DDaHyoNi did not let this hold him back, and took on handsomeguy's Druid, winning three times. The last, and probably toughest match-up was when DDaHyoNi had to win with his Freeze Mage. Normally an almost auto-win for Druid, DDaHyoNi showed some great skill and managed to defeat the odds.

DDaHyoNi takes home $25,000 and, maybe even more importantly, secures a spot for the Hearthstone World Championships in November this year.


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