Decklist spotlight: All decks from Assembly Winter playoffs

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

In the wake of Assembly Winter, we take a closer look at the line-ups of the top eight contenders.

As Synthetic robbed Vortex of second Assembly championship, the third Hearthstone tournament in Helsinki, Finland ended. And as it's always been, here at GosuGamers we take time to review the decklists of the most accomplished players.

The metagame at Assembly was rather focused. Secrets Paladin and Druid were present in almost all line-ups, with Freeze Mage and control Warlocks following. A total of eight classes were brought by the top eight, Priest being the one left behind and Shaman getting picked just once. Rogue and Warrior are also towards the bottom, present in two line-ups each.

But enough words, let us take a look at the actual lists:

France Torlk: RenoLock OTK Paladin Druid RenoMage
Netherlands Vortex: Druid Secrets PaladinMalyLock Freeze Mage
United Kingdom Blackout: Patrons Freeze Mage Oil Rogue Druid
France Kalaxz: MalyLock Oil Rogue Control Warrior Freeze Mage
Sweden Spo: Freeze Mage Druid RenoLockSecrets Paladin
Sweden Orange: Secrets Paladin Oil RogueHybrid Hunter Aggro Druid
Czech Republic Synthetic: Druid Tempo MageZoo Secrets Paladin
Sweden Technogoose: Freeze MageSecrets Paladin Aggro Shaman RenoLock

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