The groups for the first Chinese major of the year are drawn

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Close to $50,000 are on the line for the Gold Series finals in Shanghai this weekend.

The circuit that started last March in Hangzhou, China is ready to crown its champion. For the second time, NetEase are putting up a prize pool well in the five digits to determine the best player in the country.

The Gold Series finals have gathered 32 players from various tournaments, including the Gold Series opens, HWC China regionals, nominees from Hearthstone Team Story and numerous streaming sites as well as winners of third party events throughout 2015. The contestants are split into eight double elimination groups and will rumble starting January 8.

As expected, all of the best China has to offer is flying to Shanghai. This includes 2014 HWC runner-up TiddlerCelestial, 2015 HWC quarter finalists Zoro and DieMeng, HWC China champion LoveCX and more. Although no HWC points are on the line for the new World Tour season, the tournament is shaping up to be an eye-grabber with its big prize pool, offline production and high quality talent.


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