The New League of Explorer's Boards and Interactions

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With the new expansion, two new boards have been added to the game. The Museum and Excavation site are both now available to play in Arena and Play modes. With these two new boards comes a lot of unique interactions. Here are some places you can click that you may not have known about.


The Excavation Site:

  • In the bottom left there is a crystal sitting on a pedestal that if you click repeatedly causes the spike plate to move. If you pull the adjacent rope, a dart trap is activated.
  • If you click the blue gem in the wall, it lights up.  When pressed a few times it shoots a laser which ricochets off the purple gem and hits the red gem sitting in the upper right.
  • Down on the left, the large pot can be broken with clicks. The smaller pot releases a small blue energy ball.
  • Clicking the coins near the pots allows them to flick into the chasm. This changes the item seen in the upper left that can be seen when you click on the square. These items can be a ruby, a banana and a gold coin.
  • The upper left’s pillar can also be destroyed by clicking, and sand gets thrown around when you click on the floor.
  • In the upper right the lantern can be put out and reignited with a click. The giant jewel makes a ringing noise. The nail on the board can be driven in, the pickaxe can be moved, and the rope can be swung.


 The Museum

  • In the upper left there is a giant dinosaur. If you click on his head, his eyes shine a bright blue. If you click on it enough his eyes turn red, his mouth opens and he roars.
  • The globe in the bottom left can be swung, and the telescope lens can be shattered.
  • The sarcophagus in the bottom right is one of the most interesting things ever added to a board. There are three buttons on the lid that can be pressed. If you press the wrong one, a bottom light shines red. If you click all three in the correct order, the lid opens and a mummy can be seen inside. Sometimes the inside is empty.
  • You can also click th4e blue orb that sends out wisps in a swirling motion.
  • Scrolls in the upper right can be shuffled, the candles flame can waver, the compass can be clicked, and the books can bounce. If you hold down the tile next to the desk, the portrait raises up, revealing that there is something behind. The portrait takes a little while for it to fully raise. 

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