On VODs: Relive the HWC Americas Championship

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

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Crazy top decks, Cinderella stories, dramatic misplays and lots of excitement – that was the fight for the Americas crown this last weekend.

If you weren't at your PC on Saturday and Sunday, this is a good chance to catch up to the event in San Francisco. Our advice: Start with this tense match between Jab and Trump and work your way down. You will not regret any second of it. 

Group A:

Jab vs Trump
Purple vs Coreia
Jab vs Purple
Coreia vs Trump
Purple vs Coreia

Group B:

Hotform vs Nias
MoleGel vs Vlps
Nia vs Vlps
Hotform vs MoleGel
Hotform vs Vlps


Purple vs Nias
JAB vs Hotform
Hotform vs Purple


Is the future World Champion amidst the four AM finalists?

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Thank you for voting!


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