Dog joins Team Liquid

Hearthstone Tilmann “RexVayu” Gebhardt

The blue horses expand their Hearthstone roster to now four players.

David "Dog" Caero was a member of CompLexity for most of his career. Ending 2014 as a still relatively unknown player, the American stepped things up in a big way this year. Through his educational stream alongside with very consistent tournament results he started to really make a name of himself in the scene. Then, at DreamHack Summer in July, he made a splash, reaching the finals and only losing to China's finest, Xieyu "TiddlerCelestial" Wang.

Later this year, together with Brian Kibler and Jeffrey "Trump" Shih, he formed team Value Town to take part in the Archon Team League Championships, where he was the team's main Mage and Rogue player. The trio managed to reach the live finale in a very convincing fashion, finishing third place overall. At one point, Dog managed to hold a top 3 spot in our Hearthstone Rankings and is still comfortably sitting among the top 10.

He is also the first American player to be signed with Team Liquid's Hearthstone roster ever. Liquid had a maximum of two Hearthstone players signed to them for the longest time, but now seems to have more and more of an impact on the scene.

Team Liquid Hearthstone roster:

Finland Janne "Savjz" Mikkonen
Ukraine Yevgeniy "Neirea" Shumilin
Sweden Jeffrey "Sjow" Brusi
United States David "Dog" Caero


Member of Liquid instead of frontliner for CompLexity - the right direction for Dog?

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Seems like a step backwards.
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