Alchemixt’s Illuminati gets acquired by FollowEsports

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

The organization has been growing steadily and the Hearthstone roster is its fourth division after Counter-Strike, Smash and World of WarCraft.

FollowEsports has acquired the entire roster of team Illuminati, formed by Dan “Alchemixt” Walton in May after a permaban on his account made him decide to quit competing as a professional player and rather switch his involvement in the scene to managerial. Illuminati was founded with a quartet of players, including AICC silver medalist Matt “Dart” Orgel, David “Protohype” Kunze, Case “Koyuki” Kiyonaga and Brian “Th3Rat” Courtade, all of which will transfer to FollowEsports’ new division.

Two more players have been signed as well. Victor “Vlps” Lopez, known for taking part in the US vs. CN Gold Series challenge in China recently, will join the former Illuminati, as will Anthony “Ant” Trevino, formerly a founding member of the reborn Gold Gaming LA team.

Although not necessarily the most known names to the wide public, all of Dart, Vlps and Protohype are still competing in the NA regional qualifier for the World Championship, despite Dart’s and Protohype’s early knock-down to the losers bracket.