Decklist spotlight: Brian Kibler's Dragon control Mage

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

After featuring JustSaiyan’s Dragon Shaman yesterday, we stay on serpent topic and look at the Mage build of one of Hearthstone’s most prominent players: Brian Kibler.

Brian Kibler is long known to be excellent deckbuilder and fan of dragons so when he sets up his mind to building a dragon deck, it draws attention. Here, Kibler has created a value-based Dragon deck, aimed at surviving till the late game while exhausting his enemy’s removal through the game.

A large part of the deck consists of persistent defensive cards and combos. Like with traditional fatigue decks, the [card]Duplicate[/card]/[card]Sludge Belcher[/card] combo plays a central part in the game for survival. There are a number of heal mechanics as well, not just in [card]Antique Healbot[/card] but the more rare [card]Illuminator[/card] as well. Set up an [card]Illuminator[/card] with an [card]Ice Block[/card] behind a taunt, and you can have healing for days on end.

With double [card]Polymorph[/card] and double [card]Flamestrike[/card], the deck looks safe against control decks and Patron Warriors. Against aggro, it features [card]Explosive Sheep[/card]s and even a [card]Kezan Mystic[/card] as a tech card against Hunters and Mages.

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[deck linked]1719[/deck]