Three more cards from the grand tournament revealed

Posted by Stefan "Sumadin" Suadicani at 24 July 2015 14:48

A Taiwanese stream has shown three new cards set to be released in the grand tournament.

Blizzard Taiwan held a live event in which various prominent Asian players like Shih-Kuang "FrozenIce" Chu competed. In between the games we got a reveal of a total of three new cards.

Sacred Warrior (translated name, may differ in the official English version) is a priest-exclusive Lightwarden on a bigger body. That might actually be decent enough. If Frothing Berserker taught us anything it is that there is great potential in minions whose attack is able to reach absurd levels just based on their own effect.

King's Defender is a Fiery War Axe that costs one more mana with the added bonus of getting more weapon charges if there are any taunt minions on the board. It is doubtful though if this bonus is enough to contest the deckslots of the "win axe" but still intriguing design nonetheless.

Finally we have Wilfred Fizzlebang, Master Summoner! And, oh God. In case Millhouse Manastorm didn't make you detest trifling gnomes enough here is another 4/4 gnome that reduces mana costs to 0 ... of the cards that the Warlock draws through his Hero power. When we saw Justicar Trueheart we kind of suspected that Blizzard would use this opportunity to balance out Hero powers by letting Warlocks get shafted by the interactions - however, this clearly seems not to be the case and this card looks very strong with some incredible potential.

Note: These cards have been translated from Taiwanese and their final wording may differ. We will update this when we get access to the official English images.