Sottle joins H2K Gaming’s Hearthstone roster

Hearthstone Todd “AnakinHS” Rolls

It was announced earlier today that Simon ‘Sottle’ Welch has become the latest Hearthstone player to join H2K Gaming, where he joins the likes of Erik 'Inderen' Kristensen and Simon 'Crane' Raunholst.

Having performed superbly as one of the surprise packages at the Gfinity Spring Masters I where he reached the semifinals, things have been tough for Sottle when he became teamless following Infused’s disbanding of its Hearthstone sector. However, things are looking up having recently become partnered with Twitch and now joining one the top eSports organisations in Europe.

With his Gfinity performance, achieving Legend every season and popularity on Twitch, Sottle has been a highly sought after talent since he became a free agent, holding talks with London Conspiracy and Fnatic. Although, Sottle has been dropping hints all week about his destination, hosting Inderen several times throughout the week on Twitch.

In a statement he made on H2K’s official website, Sottle says: “I’m hugely excited to have finally found my new home at H2K. I’m now looking forward to getting to work and making the push towards the next stage of my Hearthstone career and making H2K one of the dominant forces in the game.”

The British player joins a team that has achieved its own relatively high level of success in the past month, which has seen them perform well at major online and offline tournaments such as the IEM Katowice Final and Viagames House Cup #2. The most notable being the former where Inderen reached the semifinals where he lost to eventual winner, Orange.


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