Hosty released from Archon after stream sniping incident

Hearthstone “Skim”

Last night's Pinnacle tournament was overshadowed by accusations towards Archon's Hosty who was caught with the match stream open. As a result, Archon has released Hosty, a founding member of the squad.

Canadian player Raphael 'Hosty' Tsantili has been accused of watching the tournament stream during his own match against Adrian 'Lifecoach' in the Pinnacle 2, a tournament hosted by his very own team member Jason 'Amaz' Chan. While Hosty denied these allegations on reddit, saying that he was simply "idling the channel".

Shortly after the tournament coverage ended, Archon released an official statement on twitter in which they part ways with Hosty. 

While the tweet says that Archon does not "condone anything that would compromise the integrity of the game", Amaz clarifies in a tweet later on that "Releasing Hosty isn't based purely on Pinnacle 2" and that Hosty "is a great guy and friend, and I do not believe he cheated."

As for the Pinnacle tournament, Hosty lost his match against both Lifecoach as well as Forsen, meaning that he has dropped out of the tournament and no further repercussions are expected to follow. 

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