Deck spotlight: StrifeCro's 33-game win-streak Paladin

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Come watch the deckbuilding master wreck the ladder using a perfected midrange Paladin. Can you beat his streak?

Hearthstone fans recognize Cong "StrifeCro" Shu as one of the most influential innovators of the game. The touch of the Cloud 9 ace could be felt across different classes, most notably including Druid and Mage, but with GvG he has apparently found new love - Paladin.

Paladin was one of the classes which greatly helped StrifeCro win the Kinguin Invitational back in the last days of 2014 but since then, the Ameican hasn't been appearing in many televised tournaments. This is not to say that he's put playing and testing aside, though, not at all. In fact, today visitors of his stream could witness something quite awesome - a 33-game ladder win streak on the back of his new midrange Paladin.

The list, which you can see on the left, makes use of some of the best, high-value cards in Goblins vs Gnomes. Muster for Battle, Quartermaster and Shielded Minibot have become staples in new-school Paladins so naturally they are present. Such is the case with Piloted Shredder and Dr Boom, the go-to mid-range and late-game minions for many of the contemporary Hearthstone decks.

The rest of the deck is packed with tech cards, there to combat the most popular deck on the ladder. We have the all-purpose silence of Ironbeak Owl; a Mind Control Tech to fight the nasty Imp-losion Zoo decks and Mech Mages; the're an Antique Healbot to mitigate Hunters' damage; and The Black Knight against Handlock and Ramp. 

As every well-built mid-range deck, this one too can switch between agressor and defender. There aren't many early-game drops, Knife Juggler synergies can apply a decent amount of pressure. Once in the mid-game, the deck starts to drop value threats like Piloted Shredder, Loatheb and Piloted Sky Golem, setting up the board for its finishers or a MFB/Quartermaster combo. 

Enough words, though. Let's watch the master at work:

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