TidesofTime jumps from Tempo Storm to Cloud9

Hearthstone Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

Tempo Storm's most successful player, TidesofTime, has left the team to join rivals Cloud9. Tides leaves the team after winning $32,500 at the WEC 2014 tournament, as well as being a semi-finalist at the Viagame House Cup and winning Deck Wars season 1.

In a massive coup for the leading team, Cloud9 have signed TidesofTime to their roster. Tides will leave the Tempo Storm team following a string of big successes under the banner including victory at the 2014 WEC tournament in China and Deck Wars season 1.

The signing was announced tonight as somewhat of a surprise, although rumours had circulated of problems between Tides and team captain Reynad after Reynad unintentionally broadcasted part of a Skype call on his stream three days ago, where the two seemed to have issues over travel expenses and providing content for the Tempo Storm website. Reynad strongly denied any issues between the two and confirmed that Tides would be remaining on Team Tempo Storm on his stream later that day.

In a statement on Cloud9's website, team captain Gnimsh said: “Having TidesofTime join us is extraordinarily exciting and we couldn’t be happier. Tides’ great attitude, strong competitive spirit, and community standing makes this an ideal pickup for Cloud9.”

In the same statement, Tides commented: “Tempo Storm was my first Hearthstone team and it wasn't easy for me to make this decision. I'll miss my old teammates but I'll be seeing each of them at plenty of events. Tempo Storm's roster is full of amazing top tier players and they won’t have a problem being successful in upcoming events.

“Being a former Dota and LoL player, Cloud9 has been a team I've admired for quite a while. I'm incredibly excited for this new chapter in life where I get to be on a team that's made such a huge mark in esports. I will try my best and hope I can live up to the Cloud9 name.”

The loss of Tides is a blow to Tempo Storm, which players such as Kitkatz and Reckful making minimal tournament appearances recently. However this does open up a roster spot for Tempo Storm to sign a top free agent - top players like Firebat, Forsen and Neirea are all currently free agents.

For Cloud9 this leaves them with a bloated roster, as ek0p, Kolento, StrifeCro, Gnimsh and Tides will all be representing the team regularly at tournaments. The team's sixth member, Hafu, has been inactive from the tournament scene since March of this year.

Tempo Storm roster:

United States Reynad
United States Reckful
United States Hyped
Germany Gaara
Canada Kitkatz

Cloud9 roster:

Poland Gnimsh
United States StrifeCro
United States Hafu
Ukraine Kolento
Germany ek0p
United States TidesofTime